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Man On The Side

by Dre Murro



Unreleased track from 2013. Enjoy.


Say you got a man girl
But you ain't acting like it
Guess you know the plan girl
I ain't tryna wife it
I can be your man on the side

(Verse 1)
Tell me what you really wanna do when you get in that mood
Doing things you say your boyfriend never do to you
Should've never gave me that
I'm about to break yo back
Hands all over that
Love it when you throw it back
You know how to act
Girl keep doing that
Tell me what you want, I'll do whatever you like girl
If your man don't do it like this (You might need a new nigga)
If he don't make you scream "oh sh-t" (You might need a new nigga)
I got you, put your phone on silent
Forget about your man, hold yo breath while I slide in


(Verse 2)
I ain't grow up in the hood but I been up in it
That's why they know me in the hood, I'm affiliated
The kid like the Rap Messiah
She so wet, I'll drown beside her
Back up in the city for a minute
And you know a real nigga gotta come get it
Tried to make it back to the hotel - Failed.
We playin' in the car and my windows ain't tinted
I don't really care who sees what you doing to me
Take the top down, get on top of me
You know I got that something you can ride on
On the bed, on the floor, on the counter
Investigate your body, Law and Order
Bring it back, Travis Porter
Bounce, bounce on it. Bring it back up
Hit a split on the ____, shawty, act up.
I'm tryna see you use that thing
Make a nigga glad that he came
She know I love that
Don't run from it, bring it all back
You was talkin' all that till I murdered that, damn
She say she love me cause I'm gettin' money
Got a boyfriend but he acting funny
I can be the man that you call on
When you need a man to put it all on



released 15 October 2014
Produced By The Composer
Written, Recorded & Mixed By Dre Murro



all rights reserved


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