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by Dre Murro



(Verse 1)
Why do you make it hard?
Wish I never knew cause you just wasted time
Find myself trying to solve your problems
Wish I knew I couldn't save you
Did everything I was supposed to
Guess I cared too much..

And I wish I never met her at all
Even though I love her so and she got love for me
She wants to be on her own and I gotta let her go

(Verse 2)
Lie to me
I know you'll tell me anything
It's a shame how much you mean to me
But you say it don't feel the same
All I really feel is pain

I could always love you even when you ain't love me back
Wonder what you'd do if I left and I didn't come back
But I never made you deal with that
No, I never made you deal with that



released 14 September 2014
produced by Jairus "J.Mo" Mozee
written, recorded & mixed by Dre.



all rights reserved


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