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by Dre Murro




released 14 February 2014

Executive Produced By J. Pro Certified
All songs except features were written, recorded & mixed by DeAndre "Dre" Moore



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Intro
Sometimes I get worried about what they talkin' 'bout
Could I take over the industry coming from the South?
Doctors would tell you what type of sickness flows from my mouth
So when I spit it's contagious, you'll get a fair amount
And she resembles Tyra Banks from the '90s
She's too shy for centerfolds, she's Mona Lisa though
She wanna be a photographer, get behind the lense
Capture the world with all it's beauty and ugly spins
When we together, I confess a lot
Tell her my dreams, how currently I'm stressing a lot
I'm 18, no longer can I depend it seems
And I don't know what I'm gon' do if I ain't on CD's
Or acting on a big screen, my life is just a performance
I'm tryna be Academy and Grammy awarded
Mama, I can afford it
Brother, get what you want
Birdman hand rub, boy, I just gotta stunt but you know,
First, I gotta make them idolize my elocution
No sympathy for you rappers cause this is retribution
I heard they claiming the throne but they could never prove it
Bring Biggy back, downsize him then make my way to Brooklyn
Bring Pac back, say "take that" then head to Cali
Make sure them niggas that overlooked me grow to respect me
She sayin' she's my biggest fan, she's my number one
But all I want is for my song to reach the millions
And that's the stuff that really gets to me
Tried to shake it off a nigga but it stick to me
Hope if anybody listens to my old songs,
They realize the deeper meaning before they sing along
Sing about love cause I never get enough of it
Sing about sex cause that's all we think that love is
Rap about weed cause I smoked to get away from it
Sing and rap because a nigga only got his music
I'm not really into associates
If you down, then you down. We just know the ish
Moved around the whole East as a younger kid
Finally found my way when I moved out to Cleveland
That's around the time I fell for a model girl
Into Tumblr, posting pictures, posing for the world
Kinda weird, called herself a mermaid
Used to get her wetter than the ocean in the backseat
Just saying all of that to say, it didn't end well
I was young but you know TheBoyGrown now
Throw my album on and just vibe out
I was young but you know TheBoyGrown now.
Track Name: The Release
(Verse 1)
Something simple as a rap song
Could be the reason i ain't never going back home
Could be the reason shorty put me on her iphone
Could be the reason i can finally get some rest yo
Cause the thoughts in my head make it hard when in bed
I cannot get rest, rather dream awake instead
So i sit behind this mic in the basement
And pray to God somebody paying attention
I am not another nigga rapping bout the trap
I am not another nigga rapping just to rap
I am just a young brother from that North Carolina, tryna sit up on the throne like Jehoshaphat
What do you do when the eyes are upon you?
Father won't around, niggas still tryna son you
I don't know why they don't wanna listen to my heat
Beep beep, that's the horn, wake it up, don't sleep
Bitch, it's me
I will never understand why they hype these frauds
Claim they King when you boys really peasants to Gawds
I been humble but my confidence might shock the world
Cause i ain't scared of nothing nigga, i am not the one
I been waiting for my time like alarm clocks
Knew i would be a legend when i heard the beat knock
You hear the music but are you really listening yo?
Cause when i hear it tends to get all up in my soul, really tho


(Verse 2)
Amateurs get hung with they own gold chains
You niggas still getting lynched, yall gon' learn today
Signing deals when you really signing souls away
So when they ask about record labels, i'm A-OK
I cannot be like you one hit wonder brothers
Boy you just a actor, you should try Warner Brothers
Maybe they might fall for it but i see the truth
We don't believe you, you need more people
I won't deceive you, i'm here for the people
No politician, won't take advantage of people
Just tryna make something the people relate to
Cause i know how it feels to feel isolated too
I know how it feel to live in hotels
Mama pissed at me, say she wish me well
I gotta make it, if i don't then imma die trying
For hip-hop, i'll live life then sacrifice it
Track Name: BackSeat Pt. 2 (feat. J. Pro Certified)
Let me tell you something 'bout the boy Dre
I ain't really with the games, I do not play
If you ain't talking money, I cannot relate
If you ain't talking money, I cannot relate

Young nigga in the Caddy bumpin' Pimp C
I might have to tint the windows so they can't see
What me and shorty doing in the backseat
Make it shake like the bass in the backseat (2x)

(D) Niggas talkin' like we never been about the money
Comin' down, in the caddy like I'm David Ruffin

(J) That '99 be looking fly dawg, that's my Suburban
Them 28's got her floatin', I come through stuntin'

(D) My niggas rollin' deep, no Adele hoe
And this shorty on my arm, she a bad woe

(J) My girl just copped a Cutty, so she's riding choppas too
1-5, Southside, what it do?
Got her shook like that
Gotta tell them other niggas, don't look like that

(D) Oh you mad huh?
Wish your girl was bad huh?
Roll up in that 83
Wish you had a slab huh?

(J) '86 be my pro tool, but that '74 be looking so smooth
I kept it real from Day 1 in my '88
Just to copped the '67 just for the slow move

(D) Underage sippin' on the run it chris brown
I know its illegal but who bout to turn me down?

(J) I got that gin and vodka and my system got me proper
Hit Flashback's party in Raleigh, have a flashback bout your daughter
And she wanna ride with a

Track Name: Nights In Carolina
Babydoll, you're a star
Don't you know how special you are?
(Could've wrote you a love letter)
Sweetheart, you've got it all
Wish you knew how special you are

(Verse 1)
You deserve somebody that'll give you everything
I don't know why I keep messing with these other broads
Treat these girls like microwave tv dinners
Warm 'em up, eat 'em up, then I'm done with yall
She saying "Why you never satisfied, Dre?"
I ain't used to have much, now everything changed
Girls looked the other way, now they seeing differently
So if you could pick and choose, say you wouldn't do the same
I mean, I know I got flaws and you got yours too
But I never left you, I did what I had to
Nights on the phone and you're crying like let's work it out
Next day, you come over and I worked you out
That's more an addiction, that's less of a love
You're less of a person, you're more of a drug
Never had a choice, girl, you're all of the above
So when something's so perfect, how could we give it up?

You're worth more than enough (6x)

(Verse 2)
But I believe if it's destined then it will be
Until then, you do you and imma do me
I mean, I know you seen the pictures on my Instagram
I mean, I know you see the flirting all up in my tweets
This is just the way I deal with the stress
I ain't really into her, girl, you know you're the best
But I gotta get it on just to get you off my mind
I know it's temporary. I'm just tryna waste time, you know?
Don't miss out on something good for you
I usually dine alone, I got room for two
Some niggas chasing one, I'm running from a few
I need a change of scenery and that is you
Roommate in your condo and says she 'bout to leave
You know I'm coming through, coming with the trees
Roll it up, light it up
I inhale you, we exhale too


(Verse 3)
These will be the moments we remember
When we all alone and it's cold in December
Outside of the house party and we don't care who's watching
Pass the L and kiss me before I let all the smoke in
The smoke in, let the smoke in
Let me hit it once again, let me hit it once again..
Track Name: Netflix
(Verse 1)
If I know you, you've been going out every night
Then you come home and stalk my twitter timeline
Tryna act like you ain't used to the love
Should've known that nigga Dre would have hooked to the drug
Keep it real with yourself for the night
I'm the only nigga ever to caress you right
And though I know your present ways are nothing short of trife
I miss the way you used to hit me on my phone at night
Whenever I would get lonely and I needed my baby
I would hit your line proper, tell you "come to papi"
You know, I never saw us ending but we're grown now
and all I really wanna see is you smile
I know we fell off, I know it's been a while
but that nigga ain't gon' hold you down
Will we get it back together? That depends
but all I'm really saying is I really miss my best friend

And all I really wanna do is cuddle and watch Netflix with you (4x)

(Verse 2)
Now I'm out here acting, on my Will Smith
Moved in with my auntie and my uncle like the Fresh Prince
I ain't been single in a year, yeah I miss you
Still got something for these Tumblr'd hipster broads too
She roll it up perfect, that's a sign too
I'm pretty sure she know all kinds of moves
At my desk, still writing songs about you
I guess I'll never ever get over you

Track Name: I Wanna Be Down
I wanna be down
With what you're going through
I wanna be down
I wanna be down with you
No matter the time
Of day or night its true
I wanna be down

(Verse 1)
I would like to get to know if I could be
The kind of guy that you could be down for
Cause when i look at you I feel something tell me
That you're the kind of girl that I should make a move on
Not tryna waste your time
Just wanna make you mine
I feel a little something going on
So girl, don't play my heart
I wanna play the part
I'll be your man, you'll be my woman
I wanna be down


(Verse 2)
If I'm moving too fast
Then, girl we can take it slow
We'll keep it all between us
Baby, nobody will know
Girl, you know i'm persistent, why won't you give me a chance
Them other guys that you're watchin', girl they're half of the man
That I could be for ya
I got a thing for ya
And if you let me
Girl I'll be down for ya
Promise to love ya
No one above ya
You can have the first place girl
If you let me be down for ya, be down for ya


Your body is calling for me and I wanna be down (8x)

Track Name: Love Train
(Verse 1)
Friday night, she’s off of work, she lets her hair down
She puts on her black dress, the one that makes it poke out
She could be with any man in the world, but tonight she’s rolling solo
She just wanna let all her stress go, on the dance flo’

I got just the thing for ya baby
I got just the thing, know ya like
I know what you’re used to baby
You don’t have to put up a fight (2x)

Where you wanna go, I’ll take you there
Just hop up on my love train (4x)

(Verse 2)
She's got a body like Halle Berry and a face like Beyonce’
(Girl you better work it out)
Pretty girl in a world that’s so crazy
(She just wanna turn it out)
Baby i think i can be the one to, help you
(Clear your mind and shake it out)
Imma play a song that you can dance to
I wanna see you work it out

I got just the thing for ya baby
I got just the thing, know ya like
I know what you’re used to baby
You don’t have to put up a fight (2x)

Track Name: Crash Into You
Baby you can't keep a secret
Running round telling all your friends about
What we do, inside that room, me and you
They say I keep you bent up
In positions like we in here playing Twister
Oh shawty, I aint saying if it's true
Just know when i see you I got plans for you, yeah
I try my best to behave
You know what you do to me
I'm on the way to scoop you up
Seem like she be ready as soon as I pull up

Hold on girl, know we in the car, slow your roll
Hold on girl, I can't focus on the road
Hold on girl, I think that was a stop sign
If you don't stop, imma have to just
Crash into you
Crash into you
Crash into you
If I pull over this whip, you know you gon' get it girl
Crash into you
Crash into you
Crash into you
If I pull over this whip, you know you gon' get it girl (2x)
Track Name: Me & You
It's me & you now
I've been waiting
Think I wanna make that move with you now
Baby, tell me if you like it (2x)

It's the way you wear your hair
And the way you smile at me
Girl I love it, and i ain't ashamed to say it
I want you, won't stop until I got ya
I'd sit here and just watch ya
Can i take a picture?
I'll post you on Instagram, you my woman crush wednesday
But it's more like everyday
Got me crushing like the 4th grade
So what you gon' do?
You gon' be my boo or nah
Let me be your dude or nah?
I could be the one for ya


(Verse 2)
Gave these niggas chance after chance
But how many wrong guesses till you get that I'm the man
Know your girlfriend love me, she my number one fan
You her MCM till I get in her DM's
She like OOMF got me trippin'
OOMF got me gone
Say she like to sing along whenever come on
Hol on,
If you wanna sing along
Then baby I can sing a song
Yeah I can hit ya
With the smooth Ja Rule type
You know "everything between me and you" type
She say "Dre could you tell me what it feels like"
Like I'm swimming in a ocean
Deep sea, floatin'
So what you gon' do?
You gon' be my girl or nah?
Let me give you the world or nah?
I could be the one for ya

Track Name: Yo Song
This one is for you, baby
Grinding on you, baby
I made this one here for you, baby
Slow grinding on you, baby

(Verse 1)
My hands all over your body
We ain't worried 'bout nobody
You know I ain't playin'
Babygirl, what you sayin'
We can tear the club up, I love the way that you dance
Oh, grab my hand
Throw it up
Oh, drop it low
That's wassup
You know it's a party every time I get with you
We gon' turn it up girl, you know how we do
When the DJ play your song


(Verse 2)
Shawty say that this her favorite song
She with Dre in here, I got her acting grown
Babygirl, I can tell that you a freak
By the way that you grind on me
Oh, take it slow
Speed it up
Oh, girl come on
Give it up
You know it's a party every time we get together
When they play this song she get nasty or whateva
You know it's a party every time we get together
When they play this song she get nasty or whateva

Track Name: Yeah (All Night Long)
Let's talk about the IV play
Hope you got a lot of long hair I can pull on
Hands all up on your thighs
Look up in your eyes, i can tell your last man always did you wrong
(Seems like you ready), Girl, are you ready
(girl are you ready), Got your body sweatin' babe
You ain't gotta say a thing
I already know it babe
It's like we in a zone
When we in here along
I wanna be grown tonight
Is you with it or nah?
You gon' get it or nah?
Cause I got what you like

I can make your body say (yeah)
I can make your body go (yeah)
I can do it all night, I can do it all night
I can make your body say (yeah)
I can make your body go (yeah)
I can do it all night, I can do it all night
I can do it all night long

(Verse 2)
Still illin' on you broke niggas
Your girl all up in my Instagram pictures
It's looks outrageous but i swear that it's real
I know I'm fresh but I'm not prince, Dre not Will
But I be up on my banks like I'm Uncle Phil
Yeah I'm from NC but I don't rep the heels
Yeah It's Wolfpack, babygirl, not the heels
told her take it all off, girl, but not the heels
Hol on, I'm on one
Never one broad, I keep two
All you dudes is like kids and we ain't got the time to babysit you
I fall in love like every time that I take a look in the mirror
Come with me, It's HD, I'll make you see much clearer girl


I can make your body say (yeah)
I can make your body go (yeah)
I can do it all night, I can do it all night
I can make your body say (yeah)
I can make your body go (yeah)
I can do it all night, I can do it all night
I can do it all night long

I hope you're in your dorm room and you're thinking about me
Comin' thru, I'm comin' thru, I'm comin' thru, I'm comin' thru

Track Name: Us Thing
(Verse 1)
You should be on top of me
Laid up in the backseat
Jodeci in the background
Put your legs in the air while I put it down
Imma keep it real, Rated R for ya
R. Kelly baby, can I bump and grind with ya
Don't be shy with me, take that off, let me see it all
Aw baby, you got it all
Driving me crazy
I know your girls wanted to party tonight
Tell them that you're with me so it's gon' be alright

It's an Us Thing
Tell your girlfriends don't worry
Everything good when you with me
Everything good when you with me (2x)

(Verse 2)
Back in 9th grade, had the uptown fade
You was just a young girl with a crush on Dre
Shorty stayed down for me, now a youngin' on the come up
So I always pay her back every time we under covers
She know, the young boy keep it hot in the winter
We be starting fires every time that I'm with her
When she take that off, and she throw that back
Know I always eat it up like a full course dinner
say she like it when I slow it down and speed it back up
I'm Mayweather versus Paquiao, beating it up
Got the Black Eyed Pease for you, boom boom pow
She told her girlfriends, they just wanna test run now
Her girl called like "you coming out?"
She said "nah girl, Dre coming back in town."
And if she don't know what that mean
You ain't gotta explain, say it's an us thing

Track Name: Rooms
(Verse 1)
I just got off the train
Don't know how long i'll stay
I wanna be with you
If you still got the space
It it's enough room for me
Then I hope you'll wait for me
I know you got class in the morning
I hope you'll wait up for me

I just got off the train
Don't know how long I'll stay
I wanna be with you
If you still got the space
If it's enough room for me

(Verse 2)
Shorty I'm just tryna come thru
Put the weight on you
Yeah, I heard about your new dude
But you know he can't do it like I do
Still do it like I used to
Still, still put it down on ya
Still put it down ya
Have you walkin' out the door with a smile on ya
You ain't like my other exes
I would never send them girls a text message
Don't know why you got me coming back
Probably cause the way you throw it back
Girl i really think you're special
Can't believe I just admitted that
Say she got a new tattoo
Put my name on it, can't erase that


Still put it down on ya
Do a couple rounds on ya
Yeah, I know ya like that
Got ya biting on my neck, ya know I bite back
Girl, I gotta make my way back
Just be waiting cause you know I can't forget that
Whenever you need that,
Girl ya know, girl ya know where I be at


(If it's enough room for me) 4x
Track Name: Promises
(Verse 1)
Remember Nana used to tell me
Boy you too handsome, you messing up
Used to steal money right up out her purse
Hope that she forgive me, I was young and dumb
And my mama always tried for me
Hope you never give up on me
Our relationship crazy, but you still my baby
Gotta do it for my lil bros
Cause I know they look up to me
Still searching for someone I can depend on
Know I gotta face the facts, you the one for me
Don't prove me wrong
If things do go wrong
You just gotta stay down for me
Will you?

Promise me you won't go
Promise me you won't leave
If it all hits the fan, will you still be with me?
I gotta know right now
I gotta know right now
I gotta know right now

(Verse 2)
Ex girl hit my phone now
She saying one day, we can work it out
I got a problem with commitment
Cause these days, everybody dippin'
So, no I don't believe you
You gon' have to prove what you sayin'
Babygirl, I'm a young man now
So I ain't really with all the playin'
I'm gone and I ain't coming back
Hope you can respect that
Tryna get my money up
Time to reap what i sowed, yeah I meant that
Just hope you got my back girl
Cause these days I don't trust no one
I just hope you stay down girl
If it's anybody, you know you're the only one

Track Name: DRUGS (Nia's Song)
(Verse 1)
Here we go, here we go again,
You get lost, you went missing
I'm soo alone, I call up my hoes again
But they don't know, they ain't you baby
Try to tell myself I could forget you
Know you seen my text, girl I'm lost without you
I deleted your number like eleven times
Put it in right back in there like eleven times
So I take alot of drugs, lot of drugs tryna find you
Dealer hit my phone, need to zone, say i got you
So I light it up,
I should just give up
But I don't wanna lose you, forever
Always said I'd love you forever

So I take a lot of drugs, lot of drugs, tryna find you
Dealer hit my phone, need to zone, say i got you
If you got my text, why you ain't hit me back
You don't even say I love you, girl wassup with that
I just take a lot drugs, lot of drugs to get over you

(Verse 2)
If I could do it all over again,
Wouldn't act it with anyone but you
Even if we fall off it again
Imma always be here for you
I know it all seems strange, cause I got a girl and you moved on but
Even though we read the book, the pages is good, we can't close it up
That's just an analogy. to put it simply, I love you
And when you love someone you don't treat em bad, word to Donnell, I wanna be with you
These days i stay woke up, I don't sleep much, dreams haunt me
Last night I swore i heard your voice, I woke up to no one beside me
I'm trippin' man, so these lyrics like therapy to get it all out
I still plan on taking a flight to Georgia and showing up at your house
I'm just hoping a nigga don't open the door
That'll send my heart to the floor
Just hoping you'll stand there
With your brown skin and your black hair
You so far gone now, guess that's why I'm listening to Drake songs
Always replay "From Time". I imagine you as Ms. Aiko
Cause i feel like you know me. and you know I been through more than most niggas
These days nothing really is the same, I can't trust nothing but God and figures so

Track Name: Medicine (feat. JO3Y 1OV3)
(Verse 1)
My dream girl is somewhere out in Georgia
Smoked out her dorm room, searching for closure
Stay up all night, play 21 questions
Somehow you always had the right answers,
Won't waste your time, I know you got choices
I hear your heart above all the noises

You don't want them other guys
It don't come as a surprise
You the best when you with me
I know exactly what you need
Get a dose of it
Get a dose of it

(Verse 2)(JO3Y 1OV3)
What you so scared of?
All of your friends are getting paired up
All of them couples got you scared, huh?
All of the drama that you fed off has got you fed up, huh?
You're upset. I know that you're so upset
What you think I called for, you think that imma forget?
Pour it and turn off all the noises
Voices in your head or roses on your bed, Choices.


If you still got your wings
Won't you fly back to me
Won't you fly back to me, me, me

Track Name: Lay Up (TC3)
Coming down 95
Girl, I'm headed back home
Boy, I wanna see you
Cause you know it's been too long
I just wanna lay up with you
I just wanna lay up with you
I just wanna lay up with you, yeah

(Verse 1)
I told myself, I gotta freestyle
Cause I only been in love like one time
If you say you're in your dorm room
I might have to pull up on you like the One time
It's only right if my mother approves
Even if she shake her head, I'll elope with you
Baby, I ain't got the money for no diamond ring
But if you really really love me you'll settle for me
Let's go to Vegas and make it happen, don't change your mind
I don't care if we young, I wanna make you mine
The Cr3w telling me, Dre chill, you got time
When the world could end at the drop of a dime
And what I'm gon' do, If I ain't got you
I kill Bill ish, you Claire Huxtable
You the only one that could cure my lovesick
So stop playing let's get on that settle down tip

Every little thing that we do is just between me and you
Is just between me and you
Is just between me and you


(Verse 2)(Treih)
We down in Conzumel
Fajitas for lunch
Dinner in Miami
You be the dessert
You deserve the finer things, exquisite cuisine
Out here working like a dog so the kitty eat

Now I done told ya, told ya, told ya before
Either you getting amnesia or you claim that you don't know
But I love you girl, I need you girl, you should know that
But, what I gotta do to show that?
I mean I'd walk a thousand miles in Yves Saint Laurent shoes
If only that means I could meet up with you
When you talk about my future, does my name get brought up?
Do you listen to my music when my name is thought of?
No, either way I'm still in love with you
And you be talkin' to these lames but only Treih will do
Baby, I ain't got the money for no diamond ring
But if you really really love me you'll settle for me, or nah


Track Name: Gina
(Verse 1)
And it feels like
Late nights in the basement
Your girl next to me, that's adjacent
Still out here looking for replacements
Ex girl fronted on me, I guess she was faking, figures
But I'm off of that
Mind on my money, I been tryna stack
Hoes on my phone, I ain't tryna text
Used to flex on a nigga, I remember that
James told em I would be on, you peons
DKP, Imma rep it till we get it on
These days niggas always sayin something
Yeah you talk that talk but we know that you frontin'
And your girl know too
Where you think she go whenever she leave you?
Hit me like she comin' thru, and she gon' bring a friend too

Shorty light skinned like Gina
Her friend look like Pam
Put em both together
I'm one lucky man (2x)

(Verse 2)
I could do it in my sleep boy, it's effortless
White girls, It's ok for you to twerk to this
I just do this for the sport, I'm an athlete
Guess that's why you water boys always jockin' me
Countin money, doing math like a math-a-lete
You niggas 106&Park but without the Free, please
Turn that Bow Wow off nigga
Thought you said you was a real artist nigga?
All I hear is pop, yall ain't poppin' nigga
But your girl pop it for me, Pop Secret nigga
Looking like a model, get yo pose on
Love the way you do it with no clothes on
Ooh, good lawd, you go girl
You got it baby
You deserve an award for it
If you let me record you
Promise I will never leak it
You can bring a friend too
I can keep a victoria secret
If you let me record you
Promise I will never leak it
You can bring a friend too
I can keep a victoria secret

Track Name: Hair Down
(Verse 1)
My girl ain't from the Western Hemisphere
James say when I turn 21, I'm Jodeci in here
I just make her scream, it's a dream when we up in here
Young Nia Long, I'm looking like the Fresh Prince in here
Stay bout it, Southside get the money
Money make em love my humor, they say everything funny, baby
These days, I don't blink unless the gold bright
I don't go to sleep, that's a product of the late nights
Back at school, made em swoon when I hit the mic
Same nigga that asked you out Freshman year but I won't your type
Now I'm just your type, yeah, I'm just your type
But your best friend won't frontin' so I'm with her tonight
Comin' down 95, headed back home
I might slide by your dorm, know it's been too long
If you open up that door, she ain't got no panties on
We might have to kick your roommate up out the F'in room cause

Tonight, it's all about you
Know it's been awhile since you've seen me
We gon' light these candles and get comfortable
Till the morning, then I'm gone, hope you miss me
But for now, you can let your hair down
Babygirl, you can let your hair down
Know it's been awhile since you've seen me
Just relax cause I'm here now

(Verse 2)
Born sinner, never been much of a role model
Probably cause of niggas that I hang with
Reap got the blunt, James got the bottle
Around now is when they put me onto real ish
Like countless stories of women they took advantage of
No bad intentions, it's not our fault that they fell in love
What is love? Just a verb? What we do?
All I know is when I'm lonely, I be thinking bout you
Back to my niggas from the country side
I pray that all of em make it up out the 919
Though we love it and though I come back to visit
This music is too good, I gotta make sure they hear it
So I hopped up on a train, now I'm out in VA
It ain't too far from there
I've been in Connecticut, Ohio, I've been everywhere
Used to walk Arianna home from The Heights
Used to tell her "Babygirl, just wait until it's right" but, tonight..

(Chorus) 1x